This unique vehicle is based on the initial requirement for extra carrying capacity utilised in a modular approach in the armour industry for upgradeability for armour protection and accommodate the dynamic nature of the ever changing environment. This changing environment can be accommodated by integrating hardware and software solutions that can be personalised per customer URS (user requirement statement.) This vehicle is designed and built by Panzer Technologies in the Republic of South Africa.

The proven driveline components and service infrastructure of Mag Truck Spares, makes life cycle cost efficient. Service and spares are available in most parts of the world. The vehicle have a payload of over 2 ton available to be adapted and changed to customer needs and requirements. The vehicle could easily be upgraded to any ballistic threat with the adding of extra protection packages. The vehicle also offers mine protection for the wheels only.

With an added protected belly plate the vehicle also have centre mine protection and with the 4x4 capability could be ideally suited as scout vehicle and mine protected reconnaissance vehicle. The vehicle are also modular in design to cater for a variety of rear body layouts that would include ambulance, mobile workshop and variety of logistics carriers bodies

The KF47 Is our latest vehicle that was designed specifically for the urban quick reaction high mobility environments. As the threat of landmines decreased the IED threat became more prevalent. The KF47 is the answer to side blasts and provides superior ballistic performance to any other vehicle in its class. With a sub 10 meter turning circle this vehicle is extremely agile and easy to drive.


Make - Cummings GBT-5.9TC
Type - Turbo Intercooler
Cylinders - In-line 6
Displacement - 5883cc
Power - 89KW @ 2500rpm
Torque - 400 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Coolant - Liquid pump driven circulation



Fuel - Diesel
Type - Four stroke turbo inter-cooler



Type -  Mercedes equivalent GBS 40
No. of Gears - 5 forward and 1 reverse
Transfer Case - High -1.05 / Low - 1.6



Front - Semi elliptic leaf springs with anti-roll bar
Rear - Semi elliptic leaf springs with anti-roll bar
Front Axle Capacity - 7,000kg
Rear Axle Capacity - 5,000kg



Type - Power assisted RHD or LHD



Parking brake - Spring actuated parking brake
Auxiliary - Exhaust
Front & Rear - Dual air over hydraulic



Type - 12V 180 Ah 12V



Mine protection on wheels. Center mine protection with added protection as option.

Standard - 7.62 x 54 API



Base price - POA 4 month for first unit thereafter
Lead Time - 4 units per day

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