The Panzer range of vehicles provide excellent carrying capacity that may be upgraded and adapted in a modular manner in order to accommodate the dynamic nature of the environment it is to be utilised in. The carrying capacity may be further enhanced by integrating different hardware and software solutions that may be customised according to individual customers' requirements.

Different layouts are available to cater for a variety of applications in the commercial armour market. The vehicles can easily be upgraded to Draganov API protection with the addition of extra protection packages. They can also be fitted with applique armour to stop EFP - Explosive Forming Projectiles - that can penetrate up to 50mm armour. The Panzer vehicles are built by Panzer Technologies in the Republic of South Africa.

The proven Mercedes Benz Unimog 417 components and service infrastructure of Panzer Technologies makes the life-cycle of the Panzer 45 very cost-efficient. It has a carrying capacity of over 2 ton and offers mine protection under any part of the vehicle with an added belly-plate. Its 4x4 capability makes it ideally suited for use as a scout vehicle and mine-protected reconnaissance vehicle. The modular design caters for a variety of rear-body layouts that could include ambulances, mobile workshops and logistics carriers. Service and spares are available from Mag Truck Spares

The KF47 Is our latest vehicle that was designed specifically for the urban quick reaction high mobility environments. As the threat of landmines decreased the IED threat became more prevalent. The KF47 is the answer to side blasts and provides superior ballistic performance to any other vehicle in its class. With a sub 10 meter turning circle this vehicle is extremely agile and easy to drive.


Make - Mercedes Benz
Type - Normally aspired
Cylinders - In-line 6
Displacement - 5675cc
Power - 96KW @ 2500rpm
Torque - 363 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Coolant - Liquid, pump driven circulation



The fuel system is completely reworked with stainless steel tank. Optional configurations with extra tanks are available. Extra pre-filters are incorporated into the system.


An upgraded cooling radiator is fitted to enable operation in hotter climates typical of the Middle East and Africa. A ballistic grill protects the cooling system from ballistic threats. Ballistic protection is the same as for the crew.


Type - Mercedes Benz Unimog
Number of Gears - 8 forward and 4 reverse
Transfer Case - Part of gearbox



Front - Beam axles with coil springs
Rear - Coil springs front and rear
Shock absorbers - Double action telescopic



Type - Hydraulic steering system



Parking brake - Spring actuated parking brake
Front & Rear - Drum dual circuit pneumatic air brakes



Type - 12V 90Ah x 2 - 24V



Type - B6 up to B7+



Base price - POA 4 month for first unit thereafter
Lead Time - 4 units per day

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